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When traditional medicines aren’t enough to help your chronic pain, mental health, or sleep disorder. Our cannabis-based treatments put you back in control of your health.
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“These alternative treatments make all the difference - it means I can function and focus on my health”

Maxim, Releaf Patient, May 2024

If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional medicine, cannabis-based treatments could be the answer.

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How To Get Started

The first step is to book a consultation with a doctor.

  1. Step 1

    Select a date and time to suit you

    Choose your preferred time for a private consultation. The specialist doctor will be matched to your condition and guide you through the treatments available.

  2. Step 2

    Complete your patient profile

    Our doctor will review your medical records and confirm if you are one of the 98% of people who are eligibile. We'll keep these safe and secure.

  3. Step 3
    Speak to a UK Medical cannabis Doctor

    Create a treatment plan with your doctor

    Your 30 minute consultation costs £99, this ensures you get the best quality of care and due diligence. This is fully refundable if you are not eligible for our treatment plans.

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Join our growing community of over 20,000 people

Whether you’re new to cannabis-based medicines, switching from another medical cannabis clinic, or self-medicating, we’ll put you back in control of your health.

Maxim’s Journey

Condition Chronic Pain

Subscriber 4 months

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Condition Fibromyalgia

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Condition Endometriosis

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Condition PTSD

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Condition Anxiety & Depression

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Condition Chronic Pain & Anxiety

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You'll love Releaf because

  • We listen and we tailor your treatment

    Our doctors are understanding and knowledgeable. You’ll always feel supported, with treatment plans that adapt to your health needs.

  • We’re the UK’s only all-in-one clinic

    From checking your eligibility and accessing a doctor, to receiving your prescription and ordering treatments - it all happens on the Releaf platform.

  • We make cannabis-based treatments accessible

    Our treatments are doctor-backed, 100% legal, and high-quality. To be eligible you do not need to have a severe medical condition.

Am I eligible?
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“The service that Releaf provides can make a huge difference to a wide range of debilitating conditions – and it IS legal in the UK. I’ve seen first hand what this approach can do for people with various illnesses and the benefits were life changing”

Linda Robson

TV Personality and medical cannabis advocate

51% may be eligible for Medical Cannabis Treatments


Private patients receive cannabis-based medications each year. It is estimated around 1.2 million people self-medicate on the black market.


Of adults in the UK would consider medical cannabis as a treatment.

*Sources - Releaf 2023 Research, and CIC

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You may feel cautious about trying cannabis-based treatments. But if you're frustrated with NHS waiting lists, passed between specialists and suffering side effects from ineffective medications. Our alternative treatments may improve your quality of life.
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  1. During your initial consultation, if our team decide cannabis-based medicines may not be the right fit for you, and you have supplied all the necessary information accurately and truthfully, you are entitled to a refund for your medical cannabis consultation through our money-back guarantee - so that you can reinvest in your health.

Our experts

Our compassionate team is dedicated to helping ease your chronic pain, mental health, or sleep disorders, through medical cannabis treatments.

Dr David TangDr David TangMedical Director
Dr Hanna GulDr Hanna GulRheumatology
Dr Sue ClentonDr Sue ClentonOncology
Dr Miranvir Singh JaspalDr Miranvir Singh JaspalChronic Pain
Dr Harrison OffiongDr Harrison OffiongGeneral Practitioner
Dr Luisa SearleDr Luisa SearlePsychiatry
Dr Vijay DelaffonDr Vijay DelaffonPsychiatry
Dr Michal ModestowiczDr Michal ModestowiczNeurology
Dr Alex Van HeerdenDr Alex Van HeerdenChronic Pain