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Start by booking your initial consultation appointment with our specialist doctors.

One-time fee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are ineligible to receive medical cannabis treatments for your condition, we will refund the initial consultation cost.

Choose Your Subscription Method

Joining Releaf + reduces your medication costs and includes all future consultations for free. Saving on average £87 per month.

PAYG patients have consultations every 3 months and cost £99.99 each time. In non-consultation months, PAYG patients pay monthly dispensing fees of £19.99 and postage costs of £4.99.

Choose Your Treatment

Releaf+ members pay less for their medication. Below are average costs and vary, based on the strain and type of your prescribed medication.

10g or 30ml is the minimum order amount we allow. Your doctor will prescribe their advised amount, however you can choose to order less.

Estimated Costs Per Month

Based on the answers you have given above we estimate the following costs.

Initial Consultation


One-time fee. Money back guarantee.

Releaf+ Subscription

£39.99per month

30mlCannabis Oil


Every monthly order

£189.98 p/m

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Maxim’s Journey

Condition Chronic Pain

Subscriber 6 months

Jess' Journey

Condition Fibromyalgia

Subscriber 6 months

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Condition Endometriosis

Subscriber 3 months

Daisy's Journey

Condition PTSD

Subscriber 4 months

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