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  • Discover the benefits of CBD gummies in the UK 

    Incorporating CBD into your daily routine is made easy with CBD gummies. They offer a cost-effective and easily obtainable option, commonly found in health food shops across the UK, or can also be sourced online. Each package of CBD gummies provides dosage information, ensuring you are aware of the CBD content in each individual gummy and the total pack. It is important to note that not all gummy brands offer the same dosage, so exercise caution if you are sensitive to their effects. Take gummies as needed, finding the optimal dose for your needs, and observing the duration of their effects.

    10 min read

    Cannabis 101

  • What are CBD gummies, and how can they benefit you?

    CBD gummies provide a new option for people looking to integrate the potential benefits of CBD into their medical or health and well-being routine. They are often affordable, easily accessible, and come in different mg doses to help people titrate their healthcare regimen. Patients can take one or more gummies at a time one or more times a day at a level they find most helpful.

    9 min read

    Cannabis 101

  • How many medical cannabis patients are there in the UK?

    In our yearly research report, from June 2023, we uncovered that up to 16.5 million UK adults still believe that medical cannabis is illegal. Out of the participants we surveyed, a mere 41.5% were aware that specialist doctors can legally prescribe medical cannabis. Surprisingly, an astonishing 34.77% still held the belief that medical cannabis remains illegal, even though it was legalized half a decade ago

    14 min read

    Cannabis 101