Our Commitment

Our Patient Charter

Here at Releaf, we are dedicated to helping patients in the UK access medical cannabis, whilst upholding our beliefs and commitments, and respecting the rights of patients.

Our Beliefs

Accessibility — We believe medical cannabis should be widely available to those that need it from CQC regulated, NHS integrated facilities.
Transparency — We believe that being clear is key, and we advertise our compliance, service, and safety standards as required.
Commitment — We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our patients and provide excellent quality of service, via our dedicated patient support team, throughout their journey with medical cannabis.
Education — We are passionate about changing negative perceptions and removing the stigma surrounding medical cannabis, and support this by publishing evidence based information and reporting on industry developments.
Privacy — To protect our patients and ensure privacy and payment security, we have integrated Stripe and ID verification to the Releaf service.
Respect —  At Releaf we know how important respect is, and so we treat all our patients fairly and inclusively.
Collaboration — We know that our patients are experts in their own health, so we work closely with each patient to achieve the best outcome of care by taking a patient-focussed approach.
Ambition through Courage — We believe that by distributing correct knowledge and information, we can strive to progress and develop the industry, so that honesty and transparency are at the forefront.
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Our Commitments

Equal Rights — At Releaf, discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
Effective and Flexible Communication — We understand how important communication is, and so we have a number of ways of contacting patients depending on their preference or needs, including WhatsApp, e-mail, telephone, and braille.
Discretion — We deliver medication in discreet packaging through a signed delivery service and promise to keep your identity confidential until the security process has been completed.
Flexibility — We understand how hectic life can be, and so, we offer flexible weekend and early availability for appointments with our expert clinicians.
Make a Difference — To go the extra mile, to ensure all of our promises made, are kept.
Rapport — We aim to develop a rapport with each and every patient, and build a professional relationship that fosters a comfortable and compassionate environment for all.
Privacy — At Releaf, we adhere to strict regulations to maintain confidentiality and ensure any safeguarding concerns are reported by following patient safety guidelines.

Patient Requirements

To be aware of their Rights and Responsibilities to ensure patient guidelines are follows.
To complete Identification Checks
To be honest and trustworthy
To work autonomously to achieve the best results.
To always remain compliant - non verbal (conduct)
To adhere to the zero tolerance policy and guidelines
Patient to complete Medical Questionnaires provided prior to each appointment

Patient Rights

Equality/ Diversity and Inclusivity — Everyone has the same right to equality of opportunity and care by Releaf to safeguard each patient from discrimination.
Respect and Dignity — to be treated fairly with respect and dignity.
Autonomy — collaboration for the best results to empower the patient.
Kindness and compassion —  to be treated with empathy and care.
Right to refuse —  any or all services and advice including recommended medication
Right to be informed —  of all changes and amendments to services to be able to make an informed decision.
Recommendations and Suggestions
When raising a complaint / concern we may not always be able to provide the outcome or answer you want, but we do want to learn from your experience of raising a concern-suggestion with us. We’ll use your feedback to improve our services.

Our blog

07. 12. 2023

Life Insurance and medical cannabis: What you need to know

Life insurance is a meaningful investment, and is taken out to protect and provide for your loved ones after you pass away. In the UK, 35% of residents currently have life insurance, and in 2021 98% of claims were paid out in full. However, on occasion payouts are withheld, and this can happen for a number of reasons.

06. 12. 2023

Patients respond to national press over medical cannabis policing

Amidst the five year celebrations since the UK medical cannabis laws came into effect, the Guardian has released an article by Mattha Busby highlighting some patient testimonials of police incidents caused by their lack of understanding of legal medical cannabis prescriptions. Rather than an attempt to spoil the festivities planned for the week, it highlighted that some patients were being failed by the very system that was set up to protect them.

06. 12. 2023

Nourish to flourish: Balancing diet in today's world

When you’re suffering from health issues, the first thing that should be considered is diet. Eating food doesn’t just stop us from feeling hungry, as I’m sure you are all aware. It was the founding father of modern medicine, Hypocrites, who said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” That quote is from around 2,400 years ago, but it still rings true today.