Money-back Guarantee on your initial consultation

Your Trust, Our Commitment: Money-Back Eligibility Guarantee

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Understanding the Medical Cannabis Consultation:

During your initial medical cannabis consultation, our specialist practitioners will discuss how medical cannabis treatments may be able to benefit your condition or symptoms, using the answers to your health questionnaire and NHS medical records as a base for information.

They’ll discuss your current symptoms, their severity, and analyse how they impact or disrupt your daily life, and how medical cannabis may be able to assist in these areas. If medical cannabis is found to be a suitable option by our prescribing clinician and multidisciplinary team of specialists, a prescription will be issued to you for cannabis-based treatments, and you can order, and commence treatment.

If our team decide cannabis-based medicines may not be the right fit for you, and you have supplied all the necessary information accurately and truthfully, you are entitled to a refund for your medical cannabis consultation through our money-back guarantee - so that you can reinvest in your health.

Why choose Releaf Medical Cannabis?

Amongst many other processes and policies we’ve implemented at Releaf, our money-back guarantee shows our commitment to care. We want to be able to help everyone find a treatment plan that works well for them, and if medical cannabis isn’t deemed suitable for a person, we don’t feel they should be charged to find this out.

Our personalised, bespoke treatment plans ensure that each patient is treated as an individual, and their needs are being met effectively, and safely. Our seamless state-of-the-art patient platform allows them unprecedented control over appointment scheduling and medication orders, and our expert team of consultants and incredible patient support team are here to hold their hands throughout their new journey with medical cannabis.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

Our promise to you

Releaf’s money-back consultation fee guarantee ensures that if our team decides cannabis-based medicines may not be the right fit for you and you have supplied all the necessary information truthfully, you are entitled to your money back.


To make it as simple as possible, if you are found ineligible for medical cannabis during your initial consultation or the MDT review, you will be automatically issued a refund for this appointment. If you are found ineligible before the consultation, the pre-authorised payment of £99 will not be charged, and the money will never leave your account.


We’ve introduced this money-back guarantee as a risk-free proposition, to give people extra confidence, and comfort, when exploring new treatment options like medical cannabis. We’re committed to patient satisfaction and successful treatment, which is why we’ll give you your money back if medical cannabis isn’t found to be the right fit for you.

Is there any reason why I may not be eligible for the money-back guarantee?

If you have been untruthful, or have not supplied all the required information during the application process, such as medical records and ID verification, you will not be entitled to a refund. The same applies to anyone who is abusive, aggressive, or disruptive to members of staff.

Our cancellation policy states full refunds are issued if:
  • The clinic cancels the appointment for reasons not listed in this Cancellation Policy.

  • The patient cancels the appointment before their summary care records (SCRs) have been ordered.

  • The patient is not eligible for the service upon full completion of health questionnaires and ID checks.

  • The patient accurately answered the eligibility questionnaire but was deemed not eligible during the initial consultation or MDT due to contra-indications.

Partial refunds are issued if:
  • The patient cancels an appointment after their SCR has been ordered, but more than 2 business days before their appointment. 

  • The patient did not accurately disclose significant medical history (e.g., schizophrenia) that would render them ineligible for the service.

In such cases, a cancellation fee of 20% of the appointment fee is retained, and the remainder is refunded.


Have questions about our money-back guarantee? Find quick answers here, covering eligibility, coverage, refund periods, and fees. If you need more information, please reach out to us.

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