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Psoriasis is a condition that causes skin cells to produce at a much faster rate than required, which leads to inflamed, red, scaly patches appearing on the skin. This can not only be extremely uncomfortable, but also difficult to take care of. Unfortunately, people with psoriasis often end up in a vicious cycle, where they’re stressed about their skin issues, which in turn exacerbates their symptoms, and so, it can be tricky to ‘break free’. For some with psoriasis in the UK, medical cannabis is an option they may be suitable for, and it's one most aren’t aware is available to them.

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2 in 100

In the UK, 2 in every 100 people, or 2% of the population, are estimated to develop psoriasis during their lifetime.


Nearly 60% of people with psoriasis say it causes them large problems in their everyday lives, or quality of life.


Reduction in itching was noted amongst patients with scalp psoriasis after 14 days of cannabinoid containing shampoo use.


Only 3% of the adults we surveyed knew medical cannabis treatments can be prescribed to treat rare and challenging skin conditions

“Having a medical cannabis card makes me feel better - and that counts“

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Daisy, Releaf Patient

October 2023

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05. 08. 2023

Unlocking the benefits of CBD oil for psoriasis

People living with psoriasis often use a combination of topical and oral treatments, as well as phototherapy, to ease symptoms and cope with the condition. Recent research has shown CBD oil may have a positive impact on psoriasis symptoms. From easing stress to reducing inflammation, CBD products can potentially help to improve the lives of people living with the condition. 

09. 08. 2023

Six benefits of hemp cream for psoriasis sufferers

Hemp cream is an increasingly popular treatment option for people living with psoriasis. Unlike many psoriasis creams, hemp products don’t contain steroids. Instead, they’re derived from natural sources and work with the body’s systems to help manage the symptoms of the disease.

05. 08. 2023

Can cannabis cream offer relief from psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that’s linked to the body’s immune system. It can emerge at any point in a person’s life but is most likely to develop between the ages of 15 and 25. People living with psoriasis experience increased skin cell production. This results in inflamed patches of skin appearing on the body. These patches are often covered with dry ‘scales’ and can cause irritation and pain to the sufferer.


Dry patches of skin

Scales on skin

Delicate skin



Hair loss

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms. Please speak with your GP to find out more.

Treatment options:

Topical creams and ointments usually the first option tried when treating psoriasis. If this doesn’t alleviate symptoms, patients are typically referred to a dermatologist for phototherapy, where the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, or systemic treatments involving injected medicines may be considered.

Steroid creams/ointments


Coal Tar


Calcineurin inhibitors

Vitamin D

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Am I eligible?

A word from our specialist

"Neurological conditions are many and varied in how they can affect us. The more recognised conditions that are treatable with medical cannabis include epilepsy, where CBD mimics the action of the many anti-epileptic drugs; and multiple sclerosis, which the NHS can prescribe Sativex for. Medical Cannabis offers greater flexibility in the delivery of cannabinoid therapy for these conditions and hope in other areas of neurology, such as in the neurodegenerative conditions and the motor disorders."
Dr David Tang

Neurological Specialist

Can medical cannabis be prescribed for psoriasis in the UK?

While there is still relatively limited evidence in this area, existing research does suggest cannabis-based treatments may be able to offer psoriasis symptomatic relief when other traditional therapies or medications have proven unsuccessful, or have caused unwanted side effects.

And so, specialist doctors in the UK, like those that work for Releaf, can tailor medical cannabis treatment plans to best suit the needs of each individual with psoriasis, and assist them throughout treatment using their expert knowledge, experiences, and advice. 

While very few studies investigate the direct relationship between psoriasis and medical cannabis, it is known that when applied therapeutically, cannabis can help to reduce inflammation, itching, redness, and help to promote healthy skin growth.

These effects could prove particularly useful for those who have been unable to find similar results using conventional psoriasis treatments, and our team of healthcare professionals are here to guide you through the process if this rings true to you. 

Find out if you could be eligible for cannabis-based psoriasis treatments with Releaf today. 

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