Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain

If you’ve cycled through conventional medications and jumped through every hoop, yet you’re still suffering from a chronic pain condition, such as fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain or arthritis. Cannabis-based treatments may be able to restore your quality of life.

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Chronic Pain

It is estimated that half of UK adults are affected by chronic pain. Most traditional medicines rely on pill-form opioids, which can come with debilitating side effects and the risk of dependency. Cannabis-based treatment plans are a viable alternative, providing you with a doctor-backed and personalised path to better health.

How Can Cannabis-Based Treatments Help?

Cannabis contains cannabinoids like THC and CBD, which could provide pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and relaxation. It’s been legal to use medical cannabis in the UK since 2018. This means thousands of people, just like you, now have an alternative and effective way to manage their chronic pain.


Of those studied for medical cannabis use are treating chronic pain.


Say medical cannabis is an effective pain treatment.


Chronic pain is the #1 condition treated with medical cannabis.

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22. 09. 2023

Can you get a medical cannabis card for chronic back pain in the UK? 

Medical cannabis is an increasingly popular treatment option for people suffering from chronic back pain. But to legally access it in the United Kingdom (UK), you need a physician registered to the General Medical Council Specialist Register to prescribe you cannabis. That means that, more than likely, your current GP won’t be able to help you get a medical cannabis prescription. NHS medical cannabis patients are not provided with a medical cannabis card, as unlike some other countries, it is not a legal requirement to carry a card. Again, if you are looking for the added protection that holding a medical cannabis card offers, then a private clinic is the best way to go.

28. 08. 2023

Is medical cannabis a viable treatment for back pain?

Despite advancements in understanding back pain, the lack of effective and lasting treatment options remains a significant challenge. Managing non-surgical back pain has been identified as a primary contributor to the current issues surrounding the overprescription of opioids. Additionally, post-operative pain management poses a complex challenge for patients undergoing spine surgery.

12. 07. 2023

What you need to know: Medical cannabis for arthritis

Patients battling arthritis often experience chronic pain, and when left untreated, the pain associated with the condition can prevent them from carrying out daily activities and living a normal, healthy, fulfilling life. While cannabis has been shown to produce over 110 cannabinoids, there are two that are really showing promise in therapeutic settings, especially when it comes to the potential reduction of symptoms of arthritis. 

You’ll be Supported By an Expert Medical Team

Many conditions that lead to chronic pain often respond poorly to conventional pharmaceutical medications. More and more is being understood about how the endocannabinoid system interacts with the more well known pain pathways to work synergistically with these conventional medications. Chronic pain comes with a variety of associated symptoms such as poor sleep, fatigue, brain fog and reduced appetite – all of which treatment with medical cannabis can improve.

Dr David Tang

Medical Director

Common chronic pain symptoms

Constant pain



Joint pain

Lack of relief from OTC painkillers

Low mood

Loss of appetite

Reduced quality of life

Sleep disruption




It's important to note that these symptoms are general and may not be exclusive to any specific chronic pain condition. Consulting with a healthcare professional is crucial for accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans based on individual needs.

Common chronic pain conditions

Back or Joint Pain


Ehlers Danlos Syndrome



If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional medicine, cannabis-based treatments could be the answer to restore your quality of life. The first step is to find out if you’re eligible.
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