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Cannabis terpenes ‘as effective as morphine’ for chronic neuropathic pain suggests new research

Chronic Pain | Medical Cannabis | General

New research has shed more light on the importance of terpenes in medical cannabis treatment, particularly for patients experiencing chronic pain.

6 min read
Sarah Sinclair

Compassionate care for the loneliest cancer: Medical cannabis and sarcoma.

There are 100 different subtypes of sarcoma, and collectively they account for fewer than 2% of all cancer diagnoses in the UK. But still, each and every day 15 people in the UK receive the news that they’ve been diagnosed with sarcoma, also known as the loneliest cancer.

11 min read
Lucy MacKinnon

What is titration, and why do medical cannabis patients need to know about it?

With so many active compounds, medical cannabis products can be extremely complex when it comes to finding the appropriate dosing regime. Finding the right cannabis-based medicine for each patient can depend on a number of factors, including your condition, the product used, and the most effective dose - the latter of which is best found through titration.

7 min read
Emily Ledger