What's in your welcome box?

All Releaf subscriptions come with a carefully curated collection of cannabis accessories, so you can make the most of your medication.

Medical Cannabis Card

We’ve produced Britain’s first cannabis card that’s legally recognised by the police. It’s printed with your name, address and photo, as well as your doctor’s name and GMC number. Authorities scan the QR code on the front for current information on your prescription.

Releaf Cannabis Storage Jar

To retain quality and potency, it’s important to store your cannabis properly. This air-tight canister keeps your medication safely away from direct sunlight, while minimising odour. It’s discreet enough for daily use whether it’s on your commute or whilst at work.

Releaf Puck

Crafted from high-grade anodised aluminium, this sturdy tool effortlessly grinds your cannabis ready for use.

Omura Flower Vaporiser

A first-of-its-kind product, the Omura flower vaporiser uses heat-not-burn technology to deliver your cannabis safely and effectively. With an easy-to-use one-button system and a handy built-in timer, you will maximise the therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC in your medication.

Releaf Flowersticks

Designed for use with the Omura vaporiser, these natural sticks make consuming cannabis easy. There’s no need to clean your vape, as you simply discard or reuse the stick when you’re done. The flowersticks are completely biodegradable and sustainable, so your health won’t cost the earth.