BlogUK cannabis insights: The Releaf statistic series infographic

UK cannabis insights: The Releaf statistic series infographic

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Lucy MacKinnon

To get a deeper understanding of the medical cannabis industry in the UK, we’ve decided to investigate some of the key statistics that shape the cannabis landscape as we know it. The Releaf Medical Cannabis Statistic Series examined the impact of medical cannabis across three crucial domains: the economy, health, and society.


uk medical cannabis statistics infographic

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Is UK medical cannabis a cash crop?

In our first statistic series, ‘Is UK medical cannabis a cash crop?’ we looked at the financial impact medical cannabis has had, or could have, on the UK’s economy and investigated the existence, and possible effects of this ‘green rush’.

Here we explored estimations, such as the 2023 YouGov Poll that estimated annually around £3.57 billion is spent by Brits self-medicating with illegally sourced cannabis, as well as the Prohibition Partners prediction that estimates by 2024 the UK cannabis industry could be worth up to £2.31 billion.

We also looked at how the UK dominates cannabis exports, contributing to 43% of global production in 2021, which has an estimated street value of over £2.09 billion, as well as statistics relating to specific cannabis-based medicines, like Epidyolex which generated sales of over $736 million during 2022.

Five of the most impressive medical cannabis research statistics

In the next statistic series, ‘Five of the most impressive medical cannabis research statistics’, we explored some of the most impressive findings from reputable clinical trials or research reports in the medical cannabis field.

In this article, we brought awareness to some remarkable effects medical cannabis has been seen to have on both physical and mental health conditions. We explored evidence that suggests medical cannabis could relieve muscle stiffness by almost twice as much as a placebo for patients with MS, and reduce seizures by around 86% in children with severe epilepsy. 

We also looked at data from the UK’s largest medical cannabis observational study that showed 86% of patients with severe anxiety and depression reported an improvement in their symptoms within three months of medical cannabis treatment, and that in the US patients with pain reported a reduction in its severity by 64% after consuming medical cannabis. We also looked at clinical opinions, and found a study that revealed 50% of Oncologists believe medical cannabis is equally, or more, effective than conventional treatments when managing vomiting and nausea. 

‘Google search trends for medical cannabis in the UK

Our third statistics series,  ‘Google search trends for medical cannabis in the UK’, analysed the UK’s interest in medical cannabis by examining not only how popular these searches were, but when and where they were being searched for the most using relative data.

Here we discovered over the last year, England’s interest in medical cannabis has almost doubled, and in the UK the search term ‘medical cannabis’ was 19% more popular than it was five years ago, when medical cannabis was first legalised. 

We found in England during the last 10 weeks of our data collection, search demand for medical cannabis clinics were 197% more popular than they were during the first 10 weeks of the year. THC was seen to be 54% more popular than CBD was in the UK in September 2023, and across all 4 nations in the UK, medical cannabis was seen to be searched for most frequently at around 3am. 

Releaf Medical Cannabis Statistic Series

This series provides a factual overview of medical cannabis’ widespread impact, showing a gradual increase in interest, revenue, and therapeutic potential as the years go on. We created this series to continue our commitment to spreading awareness and providing information and education on medical cannabis and cannabis based medicines. 

As we conclude this series, it becomes evident that medical cannabis holds promise to enhance public health and potentially boost the economy, and it appears the UK is beginning to embrace the thought of cannabis-based medicines now, more than ever.

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