Editorial Policy

How we provide the best medical cannabis informational content to you in a trustworthy, accessible, and accurate way.

At Releaf, we provide well-researched, accessible, trustworthy information to inform you with accurate facts about medical cannabis and wellness. We produce our work according to an established Editorial Process, ensuring we give you the most up-to-date information.

The Releaf team developed the Editorial Process following our company's principles. We are committed to removing the stigma around medical cannabis. Providing an accessible and unbiased way to learn about the evidence of cannabis science is an integral part of that mission. 

You may wonder what our process involves. What steps do we take to ensure everything we publish holds up to our shared values?

Our team are part of the community. We listen to the conversations taking place and see it as our responsibility to add value, truth and impartiality where needed. The content team works closely with the clinic, helping us build our content around conversations that need more transparency. We create and edit every article according to the 4 pillars of our editorial process. 

These pillars — 

  1. earning and maintaining trust; 

  2. keeping high journalistic standards; 

  3. prioritising accuracy, empathy, and inclusion; and 

  4. Monitor and update your content to ensure you can always find the timely, evidence-based information you need.

We use these pillars to support our company mission;

  1. Transforming medical cannabis access

  2. Redefining patient experience with technology

  3. Elevating patient trust and confidence

  4. Unrivalled integration and personal care

Earning and maintaining trust

Cannabis information is easy to find on the internet, but it can often be unintentionally misleading or difficult to follow. Articles that are hard to understand through confusing and overwhelming scientific jargon make it inaccessible to those who want to learn more. Releaf is here to make a difference. 

Releaf's content is trustworthy, accurate, evidence-based, clear, and understandable. We write to make information accessible, empathetic, and easily actionable.

Within our content, we pay attention to overall well-being, help you distinguish between health and lifestyle, and where medical cannabis can become an option. A holistic approach to our content helps arm you with impartial information to help you make the best decisions for your health.

Across our content, we look at the science of medical cannabis in the broader health and wellness context. Releaf is here to provide a medical cannabis prescription service to those that need it, so they can continue to live a fulfilling life to the best of their potential, and we produce our content to support this. 

Everyone's health journey takes a slightly different path, so we ensure our content is inclusive and empathetic. There's no judgement; we are dedicated to removing the stigma. Releaf understands the role of intersectionality in breaking down barriers to access to medical cannabis treatment options. 

Keeping high journalistic standards

You can trust Releaf to provide trustworthy medical cannabis information that is factual and backed up with evidence. We take journalism seriously and set high standards. 

Our news and educational content is unbiased, balanced, understandable, research-backed, honest, and comprehensive. Our feature content is comprehensive and empathetic, providing unique insights and perspectives with a light touch and in a respectful manner. 

Here's how we ensure we meet these standards:

  • We ensure the studies and evidence we reference in our content are ethical, relate to the topic and stand up to scrutiny.

  • Healthcare professionals review our medical information. 

  • Releafs Educational Platform is written by well-respected journalists and medical writers with qualifications in speciality areas. Their experience working in the medical cannabis industry and wider medical institutions adds personal insight, nuance and expertise, allowing us to deliver unrivalled information to our audience. 

  • We take extreme care to research all the brands we work with and mention in our content. 

  • Skilled healthcare editors and Medical Reviewers create our medical cannabis educational content. These experts focus on providing digestible information and making it easily accessible, making complicated pharmaceutical information clear to understand. 

  • Our writers keep up to date with current news topics and use their due diligence to find the necessary facts and present them as unbiased and easy-to-consume information. 

  • Every week, the News team researches and discusses the latest news stories, medical research and public interest pieces to decide what we cover so you are updated on the most important and relevant information, education and intriguing news. 

  • Content passes through stringent stages of compliance, ethics and fact-checking to ensure every piece of content meets our high standards. We want to ensure every piece is understandable, useful, honest, well-sourced, inclusive and compassionate. 

  • A human writes every article. We do not use AI to generate our blogs, educational material, proofreading, or other digitally created content. Our writers are proud to carry out traditional research and writing to ensure the integrity of our published information.

Prioritising accuracy, empathy, and inclusivity

We want to ensure that everything we publish is accessible and understandable to our readers. As such, we rely on a proprietary style guide based on the Associated Press Stylebook. This ensures our writers and editors focus on readability, clarity, empathy, inclusivity, real-life application, quality sourcing, and clear citations. 

You'll notice that our content is welcoming and fun to read and opens up the world of cannabis science to more people than ever. We take pride in creating transparent content with information that is within everyone's grasp. We are conscious about creating inclusive content that puts compassion and empathy at the forefront. We are dedicated to empowering our readers by portraying medical cannabis and supporting science in the most truthful way whilst removing stigmas and stereotypes without adding bias. 

Continual monitoring and updating of content

Medical cannabis information is constantly evolving. Learning through clinical research and years of prescribing helps provide new understanding and ways of treating patients. New research updates our thinking; old ideas must be replaced with up-to-date information, and language must be renewed. We make it part of our job to help disseminate the latest teachings in the sector. 

At Releaf, we continually check and renew our content to ensure that what you are reading is the most up-to-date and accurate information on that subject, with links to access the original reference material. Our content and editorial team meet weekly to discuss the news and science and any possible changes to content that need to be made. 

Our Content team meticulously researches the content we need and produce to ensure that references are accurate, truthful date, ethical, efficacious and without contradictory studies. If any inaccuracies are detected after publication due to new information coming to light, we act swiftly to renew the information so you do not consume anything old or misleading.

You may see a few dates on our content. Each of these refers to a different step in our editorial process.

  • Each piece of content is given a "written on" date when it was originally written and published on our site.

  • Whenever content is modified, it receives a new "updated on" date. The modifications may include corrections of minor inaccuracies, addition of new information, replacement of images and sources, or any other change made to improve the value of the content for you, the reader.

Our Editorial Process in a nutshell

At Releaf, delivering you the best service is our priority. We want to be a secure stepping stone to helping you restore your health and quality of life. Our Editorial Process aims to deliver truthful information that is easy to digest. 

Delivering the top standard is important to us, and we continually assess our process to ensure the content we produce is appropriate and necessary. If you have any feedback about our work or think there is a way we could improve, we welcome you to get in touch and let us know how. If you have any comments about our articles or questions you need answers to or have seeded an out-of-date article with inaccurate information; please let us know through our contact page.