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What is the difference between medical cannabis and recreational weed?

New Patient | General | Medical Cannabis | FAQ

With the introduction of legal medical cannabis in November 2018, here in the UK one question on the lips of many is: "What exactly is the difference between medical cannabis and recreational weed?". And a valid question it is!

8 min read
Sam North

Sativa vs indica: the outdated debate

The terms indica and sativa are widely used when talking about different types of medical cannabis, with each previously thought to have its own distinct therapeutic effects. But with little evidence to support this, experts are calling for a new, science-backed approach to classify products more accurately.

12 min read
Sarah Sinclair

Attending UK music festivals with medical cannabis

Medical cannabis has now been legal in the UK for over five years. Yet, there remains significant uncertainty around the rules and regulations for using cannabis-based medicines in public spaces. As summer slowly approaches, we’re taking a look at the guidelines for attending UK music festivals with a medical cannabis prescription.

7 min read
Emily Ledger

Understanding medical cannabis and ADHD

An estimated 2.6 million people are living with ADHD in the UK and diagnoses are on the rise as general awareness of neurodivergent disorders grows. At the same time, many patients are reporting benefits from medical cannabis, with ADHD now one of the most common conditions for which it is prescribed.

11 min read
Sarah Sinclair