Obtaining your Medical Records

Medical Records, also known as Summary Care Records (SCRs), Emergency Care Records/Summary, and Digital Health Records, are a crucial prerequisite before commencing any treatment. It is imperative for our clinical team to have a comprehensive understanding of your health and clinical needs.

Why do we need your Medical Records?

We require your records, issued within the last 6 months, to ensure that medical cannabis treatment aligns appropriately with your health needs. Our clinical team will conduct a triage assessment, guiding you towards a specialist doctor who possesses expertise in your specific health condition.

How to obtain your Medical Records

There are several accessible methods for obtaining your medical records. It's important that once you've booked a consultation with Releaf, that you do not delay in obtaining your records as some GP practices and patients can face up a 2 week wait which would delay your appointment.

If you're struggling to get hold of your Medical Records or need further assistance please get in touch with our team