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Women in cannabis: celebrating inspirational voices at Product Earth

General | Medical Cannabis | Industry

Two weeks ago, the cannabis community shone a special spotlight on some of the industry’s most influential and inspirational women at Product Earth - the UK’s largest natural medicine experience.

7 min read
Lucy MacKinnon

Highflying prescriptions: What it's like to take cannabis on a plane

Recently, I've been able to experience what it's like to fly internationally and domestically with a legal cannabis prescription. For the first time in my life, I'm not confined to travel to only those destinations where I can access cannabis, so I can now stay symptom-free and enjoy the duration of my trips. 

6 min read
Editorial Team

From taboo to treatment: Patients reflect on 5 years of legal cannabis

Patients in the United Kingdom were elated when the Home Office announced the legalisation of medical cannabis on November 1st 2018. Approximately 20,000 patients are prescribed legal cannabis-based medicinal products, mostly flowers, five years later. I spoke to six patients to find out how they feel about the law and what real-world impact it has had on their day-to-day lives. 

17 min read
Editorial Team

10 hidden dangers of street cannabis

The same varieties of cannabis plants exist in both the legal medical market and the illicit street market; the differences are in how the plants are grown and the quality assurances the provider can give due to how cultivation, processing and packaging are overseen and regulated. 

9 min read
Editorial Team