Chemotype (or chemovar) refers to a subspecies (commonly referred to as a strain) of a plant that has the same form and structural characteristics but produces different quantities of chemical components.

A specific chemotype is chosen for commercial cultivation due to its specific, unique chemical ratios and composition. The term chemotype is often misrepresented as phenotype among the recreational cannabis culture.


How many different medical cannabis chemotypes are available in the UK?


There are currently more than one hundred different medical cannabis chemotypes available in the UK for prescription, each with its own unique combination of compounds and potential therapeutic benefits.


When did medical cannabis chemotypes become legal for prescription in the UK?


On November 1, 2018. This change in medical cannabis legislation allowed for the prescription of medical cannabis products that meet specific criteria and have been cultivated, harvested, and stored under strict regulations.


How can I access medical cannabis legally in the UK?


There are two routes for patients to explore for medical cannabis prescription in the UK. The first is through the NHS, but at the time of writing, there are only a handful of patients who have successfully received a prescription through this route.  The NHS will only provide prescriptions to patients suffering from two rare types of epilepsy, muscle spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis, or vomiting and nausea relating to chemotherapy.

The second route is through a private clinic, where patients can pay for a consultation with a specialist doctor who can then prescribe medical cannabis if deemed appropriate. Specialists working with private cannabis clinics have the legal ability to prescribe medical cannabis for a much larger range of health concerns.

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