Auto-flowering refers to a type of cannabis plant that switches from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage automatically, without the need for a change in light cycles. This is thanks to the addition of Ruderalis genetics, a type of cannabis plant that originated in Northern Europe and Russia, and evolved to survive in harsh climates with short growing seasons.

The addition of auto-flowering, or Ruderalis, genetics affects the growth of cannabis by enabling plants to flower based on age rather than light exposure. This trait allows for quicker harvest cycles and less environmental control, making it potentially easier for licensed producers to supply consistent, quality-controlled medical cannabis throughout the year.


Can auto-flowering cannabis plants produce the same quality medicine as traditional plants? 


Yes, auto-flowering cannabis plants can produce the same quality medicine as traditional plants, with the right cultivation practices. While they might be smaller and have different light requirements, they can still yield high-quality cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, essential for medical use. However, potency and yield can vary, so it's important to source from reputable growers.


Are auto-flowering cannabis strains widely available for medical use in the UK?


Auto-flowering cannabis strains are becoming more available for medical use in the UK, but availability can vary depending on the supplier and prescribing specialist. It's important to consult with a prescribing specialist who can guide you to legally-obtained, safe, and effective medical cannabis strains, including auto-flowering varieties, suitable for your condition.


Am I legally allowed to smoke my auto-flowering medical cannabis in the UK?


No, smoking cannabis is not legally allowed in the UK, even for medical purposes. However, there are other forms of consumption that are legal, such as vaporising or ingesting through oils, capsules, or edibles. It's important to follow the laws and regulations surrounding medical cannabis use in your specific region. peak to your prescribing specialist and ask for advice on the best and legal forms of consumption for your condition.

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