Cannabis Hybrids are plants that have been cultivated using a combination or mixture of different cannabis strains. This is done to target certain therapeutic, sensory, or horticultural characteristics that they can inherit from their ‘parent plants’.

A hybrid is the term given to cannabis plants whose parents belonged to different 'subspecies'. By breeding cannabis sativa, indica and ruderalis plants in different conditions and concentrates, hybrid plants with a variety of individual effects and life cycles are produced.


How many hybrid medical cannabis cultivars are there?


Too many to count. In the past 60 or so years, cannabis breeding techniques have been developed to their current state of sophistication, and with it, the sheer volume of hybrid strains being produced. Today, there are thousands upon thousands of known cannabis hybrids in existence, many of them classed as medical cannabis options.


Are hybrid strains better than pure strains?


No, and yes. It depends on what you are looking for. Pure cannabis strains possess specific physical properties and effects that can only be found in them, while hybrids often try to combine the best qualities of two or more plants into one. This means that, depending on what you need from your medical cannabis, either a pure strain or a hybrid may be better for your unique health needs.

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