Home Office

The Home Office is a ministerial department that is responsible for law and order, security, and immigration in the UK.

Formed in 1782, The Home Office is a governmental department in the UK that is in charge of regulating immigration, import, and exports, crime, law, policing and much more. Overseen by the Home Secretary, the Home Office is supported by 29 different agencies and public bodies.


Does the Home Office play a role in regulating UK medical cannabis?


Yes, the Home Office plays a crucial role in regulating medical cannabis in the UK.

The Home Office receives and considers licensing applications from both companies and individuals in England, Wales, and Scotland if they want to legally produce, possess, supply, or cultivate cannabis-based products for medical use (CBPMs).


Is the Home Office responsible for any other aspects of medical cannabis besides licensing?


The Home Office also regulates the import and export of CBPMs in the UK. The UK has been the largest exporter of legal medical cannabis in the world since 2019, and the Home Office is responsible for issuing licenses for these exports.

Additionally, the Home Office has established a dedicated team to handle the approval and regulation of CBPMs, ensuring that all products meet quality and safety standards


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