Flos is a term used to describe the flowering tops of cannabis plants.

The term 'flos' is the Latin word for flower, and is used within the medical cannabis industry to refer to dried cannabis flowers.


What other terms are used to describe the flowering tops of the cannabis plant?


In medical settings, 'dried cannabis flower' is most commonly used. But, the slang terms used on the street are seemingly never-ending. Terminology like 'buds', 'weed', 'skunk', 'cheese', 'green', and 'ganja' are just a few examples of the many terms used to describe the flowering tops of the cannabis plant. 


How are dried cannabis flowers administered medically in the UK?


Smoking medical cannabis is not allowed in the UK, so dried cannabis flowers are typically administered through vaporisation. Vaporisation involves heating the dried flower to a specific temperature to release its active compounds without burning any of the plant material. 


Why is it illegal to smoke medical cannabis in the UK?


Due to the health risks surrounding the inhalation of smoke, the UK government has deemed smoking medical cannabis as an unacceptable method of administration. This decision is based on scientific evidence that shows smoking any substance can cause cancer, among a wide range of other health concerns. 

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