Cannabis Clinic

In the UK, the term ‘cannabis clinic’ refers to a private healthcare facility that specialises in cannabis medicine.

Cannabis clinics are outpatient facilities that typically operate online, and offer virtual consultations. Patients check their eligibility for cannabis-based treatments and submit their medical records to a cannabis clinic. From here, if the patient is found to be potentially eligible, they will be offered a consultation to discuss medicinal cannabis with a specialist. If appropriate, a prescription will be issued. 


Are cannabis clinics government-run or private institutions?


Here in the UK, cannabis clinics are privately run institutions, meaning they are independently owned and operated. They are subject to strict regulations and guidelines set by the government, but they are not directly run by the government.


Why would a patient decide to go to a cannabis clinic?


The main reason a patient may choose to seek out a private cannabis clinic is because the NHS currently only offer medical cannabis prescriptions for a few health concerns, meaning most people will not be eligible for an NHS medical cannabis prescription.

The NHS only offers prescriptions for people suffering from two rare types of epilepsy (Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome), muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis (MS), and vomiting or nausea associated with chemotherapy.


Can private cannabis clinics offer prescriptions for other conditions?


Yes, private cannabis clinics have more flexibility in terms of what conditions they can prescribe medical cannabis for. This is because they are not restricted by the limited list provided by the NHS.

This does not mean that specialists working with private clinics are willing to prescribe medical cannabis to anyone who asks for it. They still follow strict guidelines and protocols to ensure patients receive appropriate and safe treatments.

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