Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis natural treatments

Multiple sclerosis causes the immune system to attack the protective layer that surrounds nerve cells, damaging their ability to receive messages efficiently, and sometimes the nerves beneath them. This can cause stiffness, spasms and chronic pain, but recently, evidence shows natural, alternative multiple sclerosis treatments may offer benefits in these areas.

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Over 130,000

people in the UK have multiple sclerosis


people are diagnosed with MS every week in the UK

1 in 5

patients have tried natural alternatives for multiple sclerosis symptom management


reduction was noted in spasticity after 12 weeks of plant-based treatment

“The Releaf+ subscription simplifies the entire process of my plant-based treatment.“

Nigel, Releaf Patient

October 2023

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Difficulty walking

Muscle spasms and stiffness


Visual problems

Problems with balance and coordination

Numbness or tingling sensations

Issues controlling the bladder

Cognitive confusion

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you may have multiple sclerosis. Please speak with your GP to find out more.

Treatment options:

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for multiple sclerosis, but the symptoms can be eased using a number of different treatments, and different options are suited best for different people. Typically, the individual symptoms are treated with pharmaceuticals, disease modifying therapies, and short courses of steroids can be prescribed to speed up recovery, and so often patients are prescribed various types of medication to take at once.

Steroid tablets or injections







If you are struggling to manage your symptoms and have already tried two conventional treatments to manage multiple sclerosis pain, natural treatments may be suitable for you. Use our free eligibility tool to find out now.
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A word from our specialist

"Neurological conditions are many and varied in how they can affect us. The more recognised conditions that are treatable with medical cannabis include epilepsy, where CBD mimics the action of the many anti-epileptic drugs; and multiple sclerosis, which the NHS can prescribe Sativex for. Medical Cannabis offers greater flexibility in the delivery of cannabinoid therapy for these conditions and hope in other areas of neurology, such as in the neurodegenerative conditions and the motor disorders."

Dr David Tang

Neurological Specialist

Can I get plant-based treatments for multiple sclerosis pain?

Multiple sclerosis is a lifelong condition that affects the brain and spinal cord and in serious cases, MS can cause disability and reduce life expectancy. Currently, there is no cure for MS, but there are a number of treatment options available to manage the symptoms it causes - including plant-based options.

Typically, patients are prescribed licensed anti-spasticity or analgesic pharmaceuticals, or injected with steroids to help alleviate their restricted movement and pain, but these options are not suitable for everyone. Recently, increasing numbers of patients are finding beneficial results when using natural, plant-based MS treatments like those offered by Releaf. 

The same natural chemicals are formulated into licensed medications like Sativex, and can be prescribed by the NHS, but whole plant extracts containing the same ingredients, plus a whole host of other beneficial compounds, are also legally available at Releaf. Our specialist doctors can recommend these natural alternatives to combat pain and spasticity, but also to improve sleep quality, anxiety, and depression.

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