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The Releaf Editorial Team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, including healthcare professionals, experienced journalists, copywriters, and educators. Their qualifications, such as nursing diplomas, degrees in journalism, and proficiency in clinical research and medical writing, contribute to a wide range of skills. These include extensive knowledge in cannabis, the ability to translate complex scientific information into layman's terms, and a deep understanding of healthcare practices and regulations relevant to cannabis. Their collective experience in cannabis journalism, cultivation, and education enables them to produce informed, accurate, and accessible content.

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10 hidden dangers of street cannabis

The same varieties of cannabis plants exist in both the legal medical market and the illicit street market; the differences are in how the plants are grown and the quality assurances the provider can give due to how cultivation, processing and packaging are overseen and regulated. 

What are the qualifying conditions for a UK medical cannabis prescription?

In this article we will look at the different medical conditions and routes of access UK patients can legally obtain a medicinal cannabis prescription through. Releaf recently conducted public surveys and published a report with the data titled Say No To Pain revealing 58.5% of the British population are likely to be unaware of the current medical cannabis laws.

How long does it take to feel the effects of THC oil?

The time it takes for you to feel the effects of THC depends on the methods of administration as well as your own physiology. Fortunately, there are fast and slow-acting options, as well as ways to take low or high doses in order to facilitate control over the way your body reacts to your medicine.