Plant-based menopause treatments

When ovaries stop producing eggs and the menstrual cycle ends, the menopause begins, and the body has to get used to hormonal changes in oestrogen and progesterone levels. The menopause can cause a myriad of symptoms that are typically treated with hormone replacement therapies, but, recently, increasing numbers of women are turning to natural menopause treatments for relief.

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33 million

people will go through the menopause in the UK


said sleep improved during menopause with natural products

Over 75%

agree plant-based menopause treatments relieve symptoms


said their anxiety improved with plant based treatments

“The Releaf+ subscription simplifies the entire process of my plant-based treatment.“

Nigel, Releaf Patient

October 2023

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Mood Swings


Sleeping problems

Issues concentrating (brain fog)

Hot flushes


Vaginal dryness

Muscle aches

If you are displaying these symptoms, you may be going through the menopause. Please speak with your GP to find out more.

Treatment options:

The menopause is a natural biological event that is inevitable for anyone with a womb, and so there is no cure or prevention. There are a number of conventional medications that are typically prescribed to help manage the symptoms of menopause; however, like every form of treatment - they are not appropriate or successful for everyone.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)



Oestrogen Treatments



If you are struggling to manage your symptoms and have already tried two conventional treatments for menopause, new, natural treatments may be suitable for you. Use our free eligibility tool to find out now.
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A word from our specialist

"There is increasing evidence that medical cannabis can reduce the intensity of symptoms in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, albeit without altering what the condition looks like under the microscope. Irritable bowel syndrome similarly, although a distinct condition from both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, can be calmed down considerably by means of cannabinoid therapy."

Dr David Tang

Gastroenterological Specialist

Can natural menopause treatments help relieve symptoms?

Some of the chemicals contained in natural, plant-based menopause treatments have the ability to interact with our bodies' endocannabinoid system (ECS) when they enter the body, and are able to influence the messages it typically sends. During the menopause, changes in hormonal production affect the endocannabinoid system’s ability to function properly, and adequately regulate sleep, mood, temperature, memory, and pain - amongst other things. 

But now, evidence demonstrates that certain plant-based alternative treatments have the ability to alter these ECS messages, and they can therefore (when applied appropriately) improve sleep quality, and reduce anxiety, stress levels, and pain, making them a powerful tool in menopause management. 

Surveys of women who have used plant-based treatments for menopause symptom relief display positive results, particularly in the sleep and anxiety department, but also in the frequency of self reported night sweats, vaginal dryness, and level of enjoyment during sex. 

Our specialist doctors can legally prescribe alternative menopause treatments to those who have been struggling to manage their symptoms with conventional medicines and therapies. To find out if plant based therapies may be able to give you the relief you need, assess your eligibility here. 

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