Plant-based, alternative cancer pain treatment

There are over 200 different types of cancer, and so, unfortunately, there are a whole host of different symptoms. Some are more specific to the type of cancer, whilst others, like pain, anxiety, and fatigue, are commonly experienced. Recently, an increasing number of patients in the UK have turned to natural plant-based cancer treatments when traditional approaches have been failing, to help manage their cancer pain and other symptoms.

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1 in 5

Know plant-based products are available for cancer pain, in certain circumstances.

Over ½

Of those undergoing anticancer treatments experience pain, say the British Medical Journal.


Decrease in pain after natural, alternative treatment was reported in a survey of US patients.

90 seconds

In the UK, every 90 seconds, someone is diagnosed with cancer. This amounts to 391,000 new cases each year.


Unexplained pain

Excessive tiredness


Unintentional weight loss

Unexplained or abnormal bleeding / Bruising

Heavy night sweats



If you are suffering from any of these symptoms. Please speak with your GP to find out more.

Treatment options:

Because there are so many different types of cancer, there are also a large number of different medications, and drug combinations, that can be prescribed to treat cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are commonly used, but patients may also receive hormone therapy, targeted cancer drugs, immunotherapy drugs or painkillers to treat and manage their symptoms.









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A word from our specialist

"Neurological conditions are many and varied in how they can affect us. The more recognised conditions that are treatable with medical cannabis include epilepsy, where CBD mimics the action of the many anti-epileptic drugs; and multiple sclerosis, which the NHS can prescribe Sativex for. Medical Cannabis offers greater flexibility in the delivery of cannabinoid therapy for these conditions and hope in other areas of neurology, such as in the neurodegenerative conditions and the motor disorders."
Dr David Tang

Neurological Specialist

Can natural treatments help cancer pain or other cancer symptoms?

Although research in this area is ongoing, alternative, natural treatments have shown great potential in relieving pain, and it's thought this is because they are able to interact with the part of the brain responsible for pain perception and regulation. 

When consumed, certain natural plant chemicals can mimic the chemicals our bodies produce, giving a ‘boosted’ or altered response. This can help some patients with cancer reduce the intensity of pain they feel, the way pain interferes with daily life, or their overall pain severity.

Plant based products may also be able to offer relief to patients with cancer, like by relieving anxiety and addressing sleep concerns, and can also be an effective anti-sickness treatment. 

For example, in the UK the NHS can, but rarely do, prescribe a synthetic plant-based medicine called Nabilone to those suffering from chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. 

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