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The UK Medical Cannabis Card

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Proving legitimate medical cannabis use and possession

Our medical cannabis card is included with all subscriptions, and is intended to provide protection and peace of mind. The card is a convenient way to digitally carry all of your prescription information around with you, and the handy QR code can be scanned by law enforcement to confirm that you are legally allowed to carry and consume your prescribed medical cannabis.

All details regarding your medical cannabis prescription are secured via a passcode, known only to you, which you can provide to police in the event of being stopped.

Scan the QR code

With the patient's Releaf Medical Cannabis card in hand, scan the QR code using your smart phone camera.

Once the web page has loaded on your smartphone an email will automatically be sent to the patient.

The patient receives an email

Within 2-3 minutes the patient will receive an email. Once received they can either accept or deny you access to their Releaf medical records

You now have access

With approval from the patient you will then have access to all their Releaf Medical records. This includes active status, FP Prescription and all past prescriptions.

If you’d like a copy of the patients records please enter your email at the bottom of this page to receive a copy.


Peace of mind

Protecting you and your prescription

Medical cannabis is still an area with a lot of taboo and suspicion surrounding it. At Releaf, we want to try and break these barriers down and educate the world that it can be an incredibly effective medical treatment.

By providing these cards, we aim to validate medical use and stop people from being discouraged from trying a treatment that may help them.

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