April 20, 2023

Cheech and Chong are making a comeback

Cheech and Chong are making a comeback


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Cult comedy-duo Cheech and Chong are working on a biopic about their lives with Oscar- winning producer Todd Leiberman. 

Cheech Marin, 76, and Tommy Chong, 84, were spotted together in March in SoHo, Manhattan, and it is believed they were most likely discussing how to tell their tale.

Most infamous for the success of their feature films, stand-up routines and studio recordings, the pair have persisted in bringing awareness to counterculture movements and cannabis culture since the 1970s. 

Then, after fifty years of shaping stoner culture the pair ventured from show-biz into grow-biz, launching the Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company during the pandemic.

Wanting to showcase the origin story of their budding friendship on the big screen, Cheech and Chong will act out the screenplay written by Danya Jimenez and Hannah McMechan, whilst being directed by Kristian Mercado.

Cheech and Chong told The Hollywood Reporter:

“We are excited to show the world how two dudes from completely different backgrounds got together, changed comedy and made cannabis mainstream!”

In order to create the biopic, the American-Canadian comedy-duo have partnered with Todd Leiberman’s production company Hidden Pictures, who produced Marin’s most recent film Shotgun Wedding.

Other companies involved include Underground and Five All in the Fifth Entertainment.

The term biopic refers to a biographical, dramatised film that tells someone’s story. One of the most notable examples is 127 hours, which was directed by Danny Boyle.

Cheech and Chong Filmography

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong have starred in a total of eight films together, a number of which were directed by Chong himself. 

Their joint filmography includes:

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