07. 12. 2023

Life Insurance and medical cannabis: What you need to know

Life insurance is a meaningful investment, and is taken out to protect and provide for your loved ones after you pass away. In the UK, 35% of residents currently have life insurance, and in 2021 98% of claims were paid out in full. However, on occasion payouts are withheld, and this can happen for a number of reasons.

06. 12. 2023

Patients respond to national press over medical cannabis policing

Amidst the five year celebrations since the UK medical cannabis laws came into effect, the Guardian has released an article by Mattha Busby highlighting some patient testimonials of police incidents caused by their lack of understanding of legal medical cannabis prescriptions. Rather than an attempt to spoil the festivities planned for the week, it highlighted that some patients were being failed by the very system that was set up to protect them.

28. 11. 2023

The CIC takes the wheel: Medical cannabis driving guidance

The Cannabis Industry Council (CIC) has released guidance for medical cannabis patients to ensure that they act safely, and are treated appropriately, when behind the wheel. Distributed for free in physical leaflet format to attendees at The Patient Conference, which took place earlier this month during Medical Cannabis Awareness Week, this document states the rules and regulations that relate to medical cannabis patients and driving.

09. 11. 2023

Behind the leaf: 5 medical cannabis myths debunked

We've finally reached five years since medical cannabis was legalised in the UK. While there is much to celebrate about, there is much to reflect on and still more ground to gain. One thing that is lagging in the UK is greater awareness about medical cannabis legality and availability. Access is there for anyone who can afford it - but consumer understanding of access is limited. In early 2023, Releaf investigated the knowledge of the UK population with a survey about medical cannabis, where we discovered that only 34% of the population knew British citizens could get a medical cannabis prescription delivered through their letterbox via a private doctor. Advertising laws for medical cannabis companies are tightly controlled and fairly restrictive, leaving patient numbers in the UK far lower than in countries with similar policies, such as Germany and Australia.

01. 11. 2023

How long does cannabis stay in your system?

Cannabis stays in your system for anywhere between 3 and 90 days. There are multiple factors that will influence if cannabis is detectable in the body including the type of test, the method of ingestion, the dose, and the tested individuals metabolism. Tests are designed to show the presence of THC or THC metabolites depending on the type of sample being analysed. Having THC or traces of past use of THC in your system does not imply you are impaired. Let’s take a look in more detail to understand the nuance.

31. 10. 2023

Voices from the Field: What's Holding Back Medical Cannabis in the UK

The medical cannabis sector in private healthcare is new and occasionally the companies and professionals pioneering these innovative pathways come up against some roadblocks. When new medicines become legally available for the first time it is rare that they have a history of use or even a culture associated with it. New medicines are usually created in a lab but cannabis has a recorded history of use as a medicine and therapeutic dating back as far as 5000 BC in ancient China. British patients have been using cannabis products to self treat medical conditions for several hundred years with an increased acceptance of use climbing towards the turn of the last century.

19. 10. 2023

5 years on: Why the NHS still rarely prescribes medical cannabis

For the NHS to be able to prescribe medical cannabis to patients, beyond the current limited options, more clinical evidence is needed to prove the efficacy of the products for the conditions they are being prescribed for. The NHS policy is to only prescribe medicines that have marketing authorisation.