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Offering the UK's first medical cannabis card

When you join us as a Releaf patient, you will have the option to receive a first of it's kind medical cannabis card. It contains a unique-to-you QR code, which digitally holds all details regarding your prescription. It is designed to be carried with you at all times, so that if you are questioned by police, they are able to quickly validate your ability to legally carry your medicine. All details regarding your medical prescription are secured via an authentication procedure, which you can activate and provide to police in the event of being stopped. Our aim with this unique card is to provide peace of mind to our patients, and to give them the confidence they need to carry their medication with them whenever they need it. Learn more

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"The service that Releaf provides can make a huge difference to a wide range of debilitating conditions – and it IS legal in the UK. I’ve seen first hand what this approach can do for people with various illnesses and the benefits were life changing"

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Starting your Medical Cannabis Treatment Plan

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    Book your consultation

    Our treatments won’t be suitable for everyone. Book a consultation with a specialist Releaf doctor to confirm your eligibility and agree a personalised treatment plan.

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    Choose your medicine

    Your doctor will provide a range of prescription options which you can tailor according to your budget or personal preference via your Releaf account.

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    Start your treatment

    From the comfort of your own home, receive a monthly delivery direct to your door.

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Delivering treatments to your door

If you are deemed suitable, our specialist doctors will provide you with a range of treatment options designed to target your specific condition.

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The all-in-one Medical Cannabis Treatment Plan

Alongside regular consultations with our specialist doctors, all Releaf Plus subscribers receive a starter pack that contains the following:

  • UK Medical Cannabis Card

  • Releaf Puck (Grinder)

  • Releaf Storage jar

  • Omura Vaporiser

  • Omura Flower Sticks

Start your treatment journey

Better health and happiness awaits.